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Breakfast Club and After School Club Terms & Conditions

These are the terms and conditions governing all bookings with Out of School Scotland Limited (hereinafter ‘OSCARS’).

Booking Terms: Breakfast Clubs and After School Clubs

Invoices are issued annually before the end of the preceding school year and can be paid in full or by monthly instalments. The instalment amount and due dates are detailed on the invoice.

Full-year bookings are payable in ten monthly instalments from 1st August to 1st May. For bookings commencing after the start of the school year, the first instalment must be paid with your booking and the balance spread over monthly instalments. All balances must be settled by 1st May.

Bookings for additional or occasional breakfast or after school club sessions required (“ad hoc” bookings) must be paid in advance.

It is preferred that payments are made by monthly standing order. This is most easily set up through your internet banking but a standing order form will also accompany the invoice or is available on request from our admin team. The monthly sum payable is due on the 1st day of each month whatever payment method is used.

All cancellations or amendments to your reservation must be made by email to SpringOscars@actionforchildren.org.uk or in writing to OSCARS head office. Your cancellation or amendment will be confirmed in writing by OSCARS.

OSCARS must be informed four weeks in advance of any cancellation or amendment to your reservation and this notice period is payable. Changes to your standing order or payment arrangements and invoice will be calculated upon receipt of notification and these must be actioned by you.


Payment may be made by the following methods:

Bank Transfer
Please instruct one-off or standing order payments via your internet banking platform to the following account:

Name:                       Out of School Scotland Limited

Sort code:                 40-18-22

Account Number:     01833553

Please ensure you quote your OSCARS account reference on any payment by this method.

Childcare Voucher
Please contact your voucher provider and quote the OSCARS service registration number. This is allocated by the Care Inspectorate and can be found on the OSCARS website page for the club your child is attending. Please ensure your voucher provider quotes your OSCARS account number on any payment.

Debit/Credit Card
We are pleased to accept card payments over the phone. OSCARS’ administration team must be advised of any changes to your debit/credit card.

Please make cheques payable to ‘Out of School Scotland Ltd’ and write your OSCARS account reference code on the back.

Please use any payment method other than cash. If you are unable to pay by another means, our staff will accept payment by cash and will issue a receipt for this. Please ensure you keep your receipt safely.

Overdue Payment
OSCARS reserve the right to suspend or cancel attendance and to charge the appropriate cancellation fee if payment is not received by the due date. If necessary, OSCARS will take legal action to recover a debt and will pass on all fees incurred to the client, together with a £50 recovery fee.

Invoice or payment queries
These should be directed to OSCARS administration team at head office at SpringOscars@actionforchildren.org.uk


All prices quoted are inclusive of activities and snack. Families with more than one child attending will receive a 5% discount. Prices are set in advance and OSCARS will make every effort to ensure that the price quoted for any of our services is honoured. However, OSCARS reserve the right to alter any price as required where additional unforeseen costs arise beyond the control of OSCARS.

Amendments or cancellation
Arrangements and programmes published on the website or through other media are given in good faith. However, these may be subject to change for reasons of safety, unsuitable weather conditions or other factors which may arise beyond the control of OSCARS. In the event that OSCARS services are cancelled or curtailed due to circumstances beyond our control unfortunately we are unable to offer a refund for such services.

In the highly unlikely event that OSCARS has to cancel a programme for any other reason, the parent or guardian will be given the option of transferring to another site or to another week or receiving a full refund for any undelivered services. When all monies are refunded, OSCARS’ liability shall cease. OSCARS reserve the right to combine or otherwise amend published aged groups.

Attendance Levels
OSCARS reserve the right to increase or decrease the attendance capacity stated.  Any increase in attendance levels will not exceed the maximum capacity of the service under the Care Inspectorate registration.

Child Protection
On booking with OSCARS, the parent or guardian accepts that their child may participate in offsite activities. The parent or guardian also gives consent to pictures and video of their child participating in activities being used by OSCARS in future marketing material, unless the parent or guardian expressly withholds such consent.

Data Protection
The personal information requested on our booking form, medical form and signature form is required to enable OSCARS to deliver its services. This information will not be passed on to any third party without your express permission. It is the parent or guardian’s responsibility to update OSCARS with any changes in personal information including home address, emergency contact telephone numbers and medical information.

OSCARS do not accept any liability for personal injury or the death of any participant unless caused by the proven negligence of OSCARS or its employees. OSCARS do not accept any liability for the loss or damage of any property belonging to participants. OSCARS accept no responsibility for losses or additional expenses in the event of cancellation or change due to strikes, school closure, disasters, war or the threat of war, acts of terrorism, weather, illness or any event outside the control of the company.

Concerns and complaints
Should you have any concerns regarding your child’s time at OSCARS, please in the first instance discuss with the Play Leader at the service your child attends. If you are not satisfied with the action taken, please contact the Operations Manager at OSCARS Head Office.

Any complaint regarding any aspect of OSCARS services must be made in writing no later than 72 hours after the incident giving rise to the complaint. OSCARS will investigate your concerns and will respond within ten working days. A copy of the complaints procedure can be obtained from the Play Leader.

OSCARS reserve the right to refuse or exclude any individual, at any time prior to or during the delivery of childcare services if, in the opinion of OSCARS, that individual is incompatible with the general wellbeing and safe running of the services.

In this instance, no refund will be given and any costs incurred, including any damage, will be passed onto the individual’s parent or guardian. Parents/guardians will be responsible for the collection of the individual or for all transport costs in connection with that individual returning to their home address.

All information provided by OSCARS through the website or other media is the responsibility of OSCARS and is published in good faith. It is not issued on behalf of any schools or other organisation providing a venue for OSCARS services. Reproduction of any part of this information is prohibited without the express permission of OSCARS.

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